About Us

About North Country Packaging

North Country Packaging was started in 2007 by Kendall & Maria Goossen & their children in a country setting near Almena,Wisconsin. 

Kendall had been working in the Dairy Distribution business since 1992. Through his work in the retail side of the Dairy industry, he was approached with an opportunity of producing the line of North Country Gourmet Cheese spreads. This seemed to be an opportunity they had been looking for to establish a small family business. An existing out building on there home place was renovated to make a small cheese factory. 

They began making small hand crafted batches of North Country Gourmet cheese spreads. Focusing on quality, using premium natural Wisconsin made cheese & many locally made ingredients. Around the same time, Kendall & his business partner in distribution co-founded the North Country Cheese line. This brought more opportunity in converting cheese as well as packaging snack size String Cheese, Meat Sticks, Sliced Meat & Cheese Combo packs featuring Louie's Finer Meats and a variety of other cheese and meat products. 

Times have changed bringing new technology while our commitment to service and quality stay the same. We want to Thank you as our customers for making this possible by supporting our small business. We welcome a visit from you! 

We are happy to announce we became part of  Heartisan Foods in 2023! We continue to provide quality cheese and dairy products to our customers!